“Much can be said in a brief moment of time. That’s what you get with Golden Word Nuggets. Pastor Gullatte, uses simple everyday stories from his life to express a powerful truth from the Word of God. These Nuggets are like dynamite in small packages and will strengthen and encourage all who hear!”
Pastor Scott Adams
Chesterfield, SC

“Michael, thank you for taking the time to produce your Golden Word Nuggets. God has definitely gifted you to exhort the body of Christ. We always appreciated the depth and details in your Golden Word Nuggets and often played them at the breakfast table and discussed them with our boys. I used to listen to them on my phone and my timer would shut the phone off just a bit before the end, but every time I was willing to start it over and listen again just to hear the ending. They were just that good.”
Erica Woodall
Shelby, NC

“I have truly enjoyed receiving the Golden Nuggets. Pastor Gullatte’s creativity in sharing these insights draws the listener in like a sage story teller sitting along a calm river bank sharing the keys to living life successfully. I always look for to the next story.”
Pastor George Logan
Morganton, NC