It’s hard, but choosing one chair is necessary

March 16, 2020

Many years ago I heard an interesting story about Fritz Kriestler, a famous violinist. He say’s “Narrow is the road that leads to the life of a violinist, hour after hour, day after day, and month after month, I lived with my violin.”

“There was so many things I wanted to do, so many places I had to Miss If I was to master the violin. The road that I traveled was a narrow road and the way was hard.”

His father a baker introduced Fritz to music. Upon graduating Fritz asked his father, shall I be a teacher or a singer? His father replied, if you try to set on two chairs you will fall between the two of them. In life you must choose one chair.”

What lessons for life can we learn from Fritz father?

First, the ideal of attempting to sit in two chairs is the like the Renaissance man. A person who’s knowledgeable, educated, and proficient in a wide variety of fields. However, not totally committed to neither one of them. I believe that life is all about finding our specific purpose. A person’s gift makes room for them. (Proverbs 18:16)

Second, nothing that is valuable is achieved without effort. Day in and day out Fritz wholeheartedly devoted himself to perfecting his gift. We know that we have found our “sweet spot” when the task doesn’t feel like work. The love of the task prevails despite of occasional challenges along the journey.

Like Fritz, I am convinced that whether it’s working to educate others, laying bricks, writing a book, or whatever we choose we should give ourselves wholeheartedly to it.”